Kelvin and Billie-Ann welcome you to Otorohanga Holiday Park.Billie & Kelvin

Your hosts, owner-operators Billie-Ann Gadd and Kelvin Mehrtens share an extensive knowledge of New Zealand and can advise you on what there is to see and do while staying in the Otorohanga and Waitomo region.  They can advise you on all the different caving trips in Waitomo and book your tour for you at no extra cost. Billie is orginally from the south island of New Zealand and has worked in the tourism industry at Milford Sound and Waitomo Caves.   Having formerly worked as a dairy farmer, Kelvin is a real outdoorsman, so you'll often see him in the garden or keeping the lawns neat and tidy as well as being your friendly receptionist. 

 When you visit Otorohanga Holiday Park you will probably meet the friendly camp cat, Oscar - she is often on official meet and greet duty and will be gratefull of any bed to sleep on if allowed.

 Oscar: Friendly Camp Cat

 Find out more about your camping options in Waitomo and Otorohanga at Waitomo Camping Ground

Kelvin and Billie are happy to help with any questions or special requirements you may have while staying at their Waitomo camping ground.  Ask them to book your caving trips and also your forward booking to the next Kiwi Holiday Park you wish to stay at. Please feel free to get in touch or read more about the Otorohanga accommodation options, facilities and local activities available.

 Otorohanga Holiday Park

Health & Wellness

If you are interesed in better health, better sleep, more energy etc  have a talk with Billie at the local Health & Fitness Centre which is located at the Holiday Park.  Liquid Organic Wellness is an organic product from both land and sea, called Body Balance.  Ocean botanicals have shown to contain the most dense and complete nutrition found on our planet.  Because of our compromised food supply, this untapped resource could hold the answer.  With Aloe Vera and Sea Vegetables as the main ingredients, we can safely say that Body Balance is packed with nutrients!  Purchase online from  or view

Liquid Wellness

Caring for our Environment 

We believe in protecting our beautiful environment for all generations to enjoy today and in the future.   In an effort to increase the sustainability of our facilities, we have implemented the  following practices and programs: 

  1. Provide recycling bins for all guests and personally dispose of recycling material at the local recycling centre.  
  2. Energy efficient timers and or sensors are installed on exterior lighting.  Instant gas hot water utilized through out our property.  All clothes dryers are heated from gas.
  3. Provide clothes line for quests, to minimize the use of clothes dryers. Line dry all our linen requirements whenever possible. 
  4. Choosing replacement appliances which are energy efficient models. 
  5. Turn off lights and equipment when not needed and encourage our guests to do the same. 
  6. All showers are fitted with water restrictors to lessen water consumption, without comprising on quality.  
  7. 100% dual-flush toilet cisterns through out the park.
  8. Hedges and trees kept pruned for longevity. 
  9. Replacing plants and trees as required.  
  10. Using biodegradable cleaning products and using steam cleaning system where possible. 


  1. We are financial members of the local business association and the local Zoological society.
  2. Sponsor locals with rehabilitation in our fitness facility.  
  3. Assist a local with a blind disability, to complete practical hours in our fitness facility, so he can become a personal trainer.  
  4. All surplus bedding, furniture items and appliances are donated to the local Lions Foundation for their second hand shop. 
  5. Providing spot prizes for fundraising events:  2014 Zumba evenings for the St Johns defibula- tor and boys college soccer team.
  6. Yearly - Kio Kio School Guy folks fundraiser.  
  7. Finalist in the 2014 Otorohanga Business Association, best business awards, for best customer service.  
  8. Sponsor 3 world vision children.


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